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Facades decor

Декор фасадовThe building facade is a face of the house. The smallest decorative elements that form the facade of a building (cornices, platbands, consoles, columns, pilasters, balustrades, etc.) are created to emphasize its individuality.

The cornices with stucco mouldings are usually used for expressive windows decoration, for completion of the top part of a building to emphasize the horizontal segmentation (for example, between the floors). Smooth cornice or cornice with an ornament in a combination with two consoles or pilasters located on both sides of a window form the dripstone. Columns and pilasters are the oldest elements used in decoration of the buildings facades. It is known that they were used in times of flowering of the architecture in the Ancient Greece and Rome. These elements of decor stay actual and modern even today. They also ennoble a building façade and give a respectable palace gloss to the construction.

Реставрация фасадовThe general art impression depends on a facade decor. It is possible to decorate the building in a classical style, or make it look like a real ancient castle or, on the contrary, to give it a modern look.

Unfortunately, because of the environmental factors and the age of construction, facades of houses demand a capital restoration at times. In the process of buildings restoration we work on reconstruction of the historical image of the object, repair and restoration of the facades and the interiors, design of the premise.

Декор фасадовAn old building receives a qualitatively new image in the course of its reconstruction, which main goal is not only the preservation of an ancient construction, but also its adaptation to new functions. The building reconstruction is directed first of all on the improvement of the usability of public and dwelling objects, whether it can be office or shopping centre, administrative or bank building, a dwelling house or a cottage. In most cases during the building reconstruction only original supporting constructions are used: main walls, floor structures, staircases and flights. All the utilities, floors, walls and dividing walls, ceilings and roof are changed.

Due to the professionalism of the «Gold Art Line» experts it became possible to execute all types of work as a whole, beginning from the structural scrutiny to all kinds of construction and assembly works, including the interior design projects.