Metal products

Декор из металлаAn artistic effect could be achieved not only due to the technical perfection of execution but also during the "future life" of the architectural detail in natural environment: titanium-zinc oxidizes in course of time, patinates, acquiring a dark colour and noble deep tones.

The creation of the architectural metal decor is the exclusive type of facade decoration in Ukraine. Only the GoldArtLine company specializes, revives and continues the best traditions of working with metal, and by its artistical skill it can be brought into a line with the prominent works of world masters.

The individual look of building facade depends on the original architectural decor. It can differ in materials, techniques of execution and in design, but the most important thing is its exceptional unity and accordance with image and style of building.

The main goal of the Gold Art Line company is to achieve the harmony in architectural design of building. The big role plays the experience in restoration and reconstruction of historical monuments, that gives a second birth to the forgotten techniques.

Гостиница "Большая московская"Currently in Odessa the masters of the Gold Art Line company are actively working on the reconstruction of the “Bolshaya Moskovskaya” Hotel on Deribasovskaya street, where they demonstrated the productive renewal and development of technical feasibilities of modern architectural building decoration.  The outstanding example of Art Nouveau (built in 1901-1904) was decorated by the relief compositions made of titanium-zinc. The building was reconstructed  in accordance with the old photos using both fundamental knowledge in area of technology as well as in the field of artistic styles.

The Art Nouveau artists aimed to make the architectural decor unique and reach in plastics using advanced methods and technics so that the modern masters can rely upon their experience and develop it. Creating the external decor we pay a lot attention to such methods of treatment like soldering, knocking out and other methods, different from casting.

The decorations of facade created that way are distinct in unique clearness of forms, they show to advantage at a distance and organically unite with the lines of architecture. The process of their creation consists of few stages and requires very good skills, computational accuracy and trained eye. Using a basic model the masters cut from metal separate details treated with different instruments, than accurately solder it and "put together".