Modelled decor

Лепной декор, лепнина, гипсовая лепнинаIf you want your house to have an exquisite, unique style that impresses by its grace and respectability, choose the stucco molding. When we say "stucco molding" we imagine the magnificent palaces, museums and luxurious estates. The stucco molding was particularly used in decoration of these great constructions, such works were rather expensive so as for the huts you’ll never find the stucco molding there.

In recent decades only the stucco moulding appears in modern apartments. With the advent of spacious apartments, high ceilings, high-grade country houses the modelled decor now is increasingly in demand.

The stucco molding is the sort of sculpture, namely the embossment which can be used in decoration of wall, ceiling (in interior) or building facade. Often it can look like a painting, but there is a difference – the play of light and shadow here is transferred by real volumes, instead of their illusion.

The modelled decor can represent subjects and human statures, tell us a story, it can be vegetable or geometrical pattern or even a combination of both techniques.

In the epoch of Classicism the stucco moulding played a special role. The restrained, rigorous beauty of classical modelled forms allows us to catch the spirit of solemnity and splendour nowadays.

Besides we can create another image of building - the architectural construction covered with magnificent sculptural carpet. A play of light and shadows gives to a facade an exclusive simplicity, sets solemn and festive mood. Despite of the reality of volumes and changeable play of shadows that depends on illumination, the fact that the sculpture is laid on a plane, it is attached to it, allows to realise the basic principle of art synthesis – the unity of architecture and decor.

The stucco molding allows to create the volume decor of all sorts and to diversify the wall decoration by means of imitation of the architectural details such as the order elements (a column, a frieze, a cornice), the pilasters, the console, the baluster as well as the relief sculptural forms.

By means of the stucco moulding it is possible not only to give completeness to an interior, but also to create the incredible optical effects, such as the depth or "infinity" of a ceiling. Usually the white colour dominates in modelled decor, but we can use different colours and factures for natural connection of different elements of the interior or even of the building facade. The stucco moulding can remain white on the walls, to become bronze on the doors or your furniture can have tinted graining. It is possible to put gilding or a cobweb, to create the wear and the ageing effect.

The creation of a modelled decor from plaster, concrete and from the modern polymeric materials is the main type of activity of the «Gold Art Line» studio. Each stucco moulding sample is made from original drawings of architects. The work process of studio masters consists of the making sketches, manufacturing of models, fitting and final colour scheme.