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Stone products

Exists a large number of constructional and finishing materials but the special place occupies so called natural stone. Lately the natural stone product became very popular due to a number of distinctive characteristics. On one side the natural stone is very practical and in fact eternal material. Different environmental factors, such as moisture, temperatures drops, etc. render practically a zero impact on natural stone products. The architectural elements of the interior as well as of the exterior made of natural stone will serve for a long time, answer to its purpose and delight the eye of the owners.

Not every material can compete with the natural stone in aesthetic plan. Being the most ancient constructional material, a natural stone was used in architecture of all times and all nations. Many monuments of antique architecture of antiquity survived to this day. This kind of material was always used in construction and decoration of palaces and castles all over the world, rich estates and farmsteads in Russia etc... A natural stone used in private architectural buildings looks luxuriously and refine, emphasizing a special status of the owners. The usage of natural stone products is indeed one of the most expensive architectural solutions of building design. In addition, the treatment of natural stone is very considerable consuming and expensive labour that requires the usage of expensive equipment and cutting tool, especially when we talk about very rare rocks.