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The art painting

The art painting is a type of monumental painting which has all features of high art, and has boundless possibilities to materialize the ideas, fantasies and images.

The monumental painting appeared in times of extreme antiquity. Even the primitive man painted the walls of a cave with ochre, chalk or coal, creating impressing images of the hunting ceremonies. The monumental painting in a modern sense of the term appears in the Ancient Egypt: the principles of architecture and painting synthesis, unity and mutual interaction have been developed and embodied for the first time on the bank of the river Nile.

The paintings in the palaces of Pompey (the Ancient Rome) have become an example and an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many generations of architects and artists. You can admire  on and on the fanciful colors, birds and animals, the unexplored wilderness skillfully noticed and transferred on walls by the means of paints. The walls of halls were covered with the great architectural compositions of buildings and monuments forming the space expansion principles of the illusionistic “trompe-l’oeil” painting.

The art painting can be anecdotal, narrative, it can represent certain events in detail or it can be even an intricate ornament weave. But the pattern is not an empty object it is capable to express the emotions, fascinating feeling of joy and abundance of life. Such kinds of decorative paintings are widely used in the premises where people usually worked, hah a rest or had a good time.

The wall paintings can be flat, decorative, or even three-dimensional, breaking off a plane; the main thing is that the painting must be submitted to a certain system, universal for monumental art where all elements (the architecture and the painting) were naturally interconnected.

Along with the most ancient painting techniques such as the natural mineral paint or the oil painting, the other more lasting and durable techniques and technologies of monumental decoration are used today. For example, the liquid glass has been already used for painting fixation in the ХІХ a century. The advantage of this method was the possibility to execute the big areas of painting entirely and to make corrections before surface hardening (that was impossible for the most ancient fresco technique –the painting on a crude plaster). This technique was improved by A. Keim and it is successfully used today, especially in the decoration of external surfaces.

Depending on the task set the wall painting executed by the «Gold Art Line» artists creates the effects of spatial breaks, decorative panel or ornamental frieze etc. The easel paintings – ancient pictures copies or original works are the accents of the modern interior decoration.