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The patina

It is possible to create the effect of antiquity to the bright gold surfaces using the technique of patination.

The Ancient Rome artists were the first who realized the decorative value of patina with its «old-world flavour». The patina is the thinnest film of green, brown or dark blue color formed on the surface of objects from copper, brass and bronze as a result of metal oxidation. Sometimes we call patina the films or the coatings formed on the surface of a stone, for example the marble or wooden objects in course of time.

The colors typical for a patina can be reproduced on other surfaces, giving them an exquisite and antique look. Such “archaistic" covering looks good on the ornamental or figured stucco moulding, as well as on the wood,  stone or metal surfaces.

This natural process the «Gold Art Line» experts reproduce by means of special reagents, giving to the objects the refined beauty and the spirit of old time.