About company

The decoration of architectural structures by painting and sculpture is the monumental and decoration art. The role of decorative products is clearly expressed by its name, after all the french word "decor" means "decoration". Their main tasks are to decorate and to delight the eye, to lift one’s spirits and to materialise high ideas, to complete the entire artistic image and to express the stylistic features of the certain epoch. Besides, it is supposed that the created monumental ensemble is made for a full due and will be resistant to destructive influence of air, humidity and temperature drops.

The monumental and decoration art is remarkable for its variety of materials and technologies. Many of them ascend to antiquity and have the established techniques. But it doesn`t mean that the techniques of monumental building decoration stay unchangeable. They started their new life in modern architecture with its new materials and technologies.

Very important feature of monumental art is its natural interfusion with architecture, revealing of its scale, correspondence of decoration to the character of conduit. The creation of such bright sound ensemble is a synthesis of arts that requires an experience, skill, profound knowledge and understanding of monumental art grounds, as well as a keen sense of proportions.

The masters of the “Gold Art Line” company possess all necessary qualities and knowledge for creation of harmonious monumental ensemble.

The «Gold Art Line» company, set up in the late nineties, specialises on the exclusive decoration of architectural structures – a modelled decor, gilding, an art painting, mosaic. Creation of the unique image, materialisation of non-standard ideas of any complexity is the main task and vocation of the experts of our studio. The studio carries out private orders, as well as the decoration of public and church constructions works.

A considerable work experience of the employees of our studio in the field of scientific reconstruction and restoration of historical buildings of Ukraine is of great importance in artistic concept realization. We can mention the participation in a reconstruction of an internal decor of the Odessa opera theatre, an art painting of St. Michael`s Golden-Domed Monastery, the St. Vladimir Cathedral in Chersonese (Crimea), etc.

The main goal of the «Gold Art Line» is a creation of an exquisite, respectable and unique individual style of an interior or an ex-terrier. Regardless of the character of decoration – from laconic to magnificent palace style, we adhere to our main principle - the junction of the classical art high traditions and the new technologies and materials.

The «Gold Art Line» has a big team of skilled experts of monumental, decorative and applied arts. The ability to create an entire image of decoration paying attention to the work on the details – this is the work style of our studio.

Our company experts work closely with the architects that are always provided with special discounts. Our firm aspires to get new contacts in the sphere of architecture and building for productive mutually profitable work, therefore we are always glad to see you in our office.